Registrant List Order

Deadline to order Pre-Registrant List: March 26, 2020

To process your Registrant List Order you must submit a sample mailing piece for approval at the time of your request.

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If you wish to purchase an additional paid list(s), a link will be provided in confirmation e-mail.
Sample Mailer
A PDF sample of your mailing materials must be submitted and approved by ACP before receiving a copy of the registrant list. Do not print your mailing piece before receiving approval by ACP.
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
The ACP Registrant List is available to rent for one-time use only. Renters will be billed for any subsequent unauthorized use.
Only mailing addresses are available for rental. Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are not available for rental. The ACP Registrant List is available for direct mail purposes only; it cannot be used for telemarketing or e-mail marketing purposes.

I agree that all orders placed are to be for the preparation of mailing pieces only. Names and addresses provided by ACP in connection with any such order are supplied for the specific mailing ordered and for no other purpose. Upon completion of such mailing, I agree to destroy and make no further use of the names and addresses provided by the ACP list, except those names and addresses compiled from respondents to mailings.

This agreement shall be binding upon the guarantors, its principals, or its agencies, agents, servants, licensures, subcontractors, affiliates, associations, and assignees.

If you wish to retain a copy of the contract, the contract must be printed prior to submission. Once submitted, a copy of the contract will not be available. 

Please contact Stefy Beury with any questions at 215-351-2541 or