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ACP and Annals of Internal Medicine Embargo Policy

Annals of Internal Medicine is published weekly. Advance information about articles being published in upcoming issues is provided to registered reporters as a service to them with the understanding that they will honor the embargo.

  • A “tip sheet” for Annals of Internal Medicine is distributed weekly to credentialed members of the media who have read and agreed to the embargo rules. News releases are periodically distributed on studies and articles of special interest. In addition, embargoed tip sheets and news releases are simultaneously posted on EurekAlert. All tip sheet materials and news releases are under strict embargo until 5:00 p.m. on the Monday before the article publication date.
  • By agreeing to the embargo rules and taking the embargoed materials into possession, media representatives are committing to the terms of the embargo not only on their own behalf, but also on behalf of the organization they represent.
  • All copies, including electronic copies of embargoed materials, must be kept confidential and must not be forwarded in any form. Materials may not be disseminated in any form, meaning they must not be emailed, phoned, faxed, texted, or sent by any other form of transmission, other than to the author of the article and/or a limited number of experts that the journalist is interviewing for the sole purpose of developing a news story prior to the lifting of the embargo. Before sharing the articles with such experts, it is the journalist's responsibility to inform those individuals that they must follow the embargo rules.
  • Discussing the contents of embargoed materials or sharing information that describes the objective, methods, or key findings of the article(s) with anyone other than the author of the article or a technical expert for the purposes of developing a news story is considered a breach of the embargo agreement.
  • No coverage of any aspect of the embargoed event or information contained in the embargoed material can appear in the media, including the internet and social media (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, etc.), at any time during the period of the embargo.
  • Any media representative and/or media outlet found to be in breach of this embargo will be subject to sanction, which may include a ban from future embargoes.
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